Fresh paint for America’s first motorcycle company.

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art and design print catalog, indian motorcycles

Well isn’t this neat – Communication Arts (the world’s most discerning design magazine) thinks the art direction and design of the Indian Motorcycle campaign is worth of showing in the 2018 Design Annual. We’re honored. Huge thanks to the folks at Solve Ideas for enlisting us to bring Set the Standard campaign to life with them. Working on America’s first motorcycle company has been an art direction dream come true. Pick up a copy of the magazine at your local book store.

art and design print catalog, indian motorcycles
life is full of compromises. this isn't one of them. indian motorcycles


indian motorcycles


America’s first motorcycle company, Indian Motorcycles continues to build on its storied history. After releasing their first model in 1901, privateers, racers and renegades alike have ridden the bikes to break the world land speed record, redefine the cruiser class, and claim dozens American Flat Track racing championships. Today, Indian has expanded its lineup to include a full offering of timeless design, and category redefining race track inspired, street legal FTR1200. For more information, visit

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