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Gone are the days when intangible associations and values alone equate to brand success. Values only have meaning when realized through behaviour. When mountain biking’s most iconic brand, Yeti Cycles, tasked GFC with contemporizing their relationship with riders, we knew the work would be valued on impact. Period. The brief was simple – prove that when you ride a Yeti, you take on more than just the ownership if a bicycle. We repositioned product and initiatives to facilitate the lifestyle in ways other brands simply can’t, or won’t. It manifested in the phrase, More than Myth. Living up to the promise lead to an approach of “do cool shit, talk about it.” This is what transpired.

Strategic Platform Development
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100 Genre Killing Millimetres

Yeti Cycles Website, man traversing mountain bike peak on yeti mountain bike

Black Yeti SB100 mountain bike

We do things with our bike company that might seem like myth. because we're willing to do what others won't. we back what we make. we want you along for the ride. ask someone who rides a yeti. what they'll tell you is not myth.

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Gnarniverse - Print Ad. it already knows the abyss.

Yeti ARC PosterMore Than Myth - Print Ad
Bite off more than you can chew, the aftertaste is sweeter.
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Yeti Cycles Handbook
Yeti Cycles Handbook
Yeti Cycles Handbook
Yeti Cycles Handbook
Yeti Cycles Handbook
Yeti Cycles Handbook
Yeti Cycles Handbook


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