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Just like any outdoor destination, Whistler Blackcomb isn’t immune to fluctuations in weather. So what does a business based on snow conditions talk about when Ma’ nature is having a bad hair day? – Something a lot more original than the village après. There are no bad days at Whistler Blackcomb, this campaign set out to expose that.

Strategic platform development
Campaign creation
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Rolling Snow Report by Good Fortune Collective. Man giving women a piggyback ride on a rainy Vancouver street next to a Whistler Blackcomb minivan



It’s easy to forget that when it’s raining in Vancouver – where the majority of Whistler Blackcomb’s skiers live – it’s usually snowing up in Whistler. And because the typical daily snow report doesn’t always break through, we invented The Whistler Blackcomb Rolling Snow Report. Delivering to Vancouverites the latest snowfall news in a way that’s impossible-to-ignore during Vancouver’s wettest March on record, in over 60 years.

Rolling Snow Report by Good Fortune Collective. GMC van with a Whistler snowfall report decal on it. March snowfall: 172cm


5-day edge card voucher in a Whistler Blackcomb print advertisement featured in the Vancouver Courier


Historically, WB’s January Edge Card sale relied on snow to motivate sales. But the previous two seasons of sub par conditions left skiers skeptical. To combat this, we connected the sale to a larger cultural phenomenon – January as the most awkward month of the year.

Cheering up funky old January since 1966, man skiing deep powder at Whistler. Social media advertisement by Good Fortune CollectiveBye bye January funk, skier in deep powder conditions at Whistler. Social media advertisement by Good Fortune CollectiveFunky January, it's a thing. So it's our thing to unfunk it. Skier in deep powder conditions. Social media advertisement by Good Fortune Collective



Daily, skier’s tune into WB’s social channels for the latest snow conditions. Trouble is, the conditions weren’t always good. And drawing attention to other aspects of the resort, village and après quickly became formulaic for the entire ski industry.

Smartphone screens with Get the Goods Snow Report. Social Media advertisements by Good Fortune Collective

The Goods Report, a daily social media tool kit provided a new platform that makes news out of corduroy groomers as it does pow days. For the first time ever, WB embraced a Pacific North Western winter rain storm, and featured skiers carving turns and still having a blast. With an interjection of honesty to the social channels, the campaign saw results that surpassed our campaign goals. 

Photography & video capture by Blake Jorgenson, Eric Berger, Paul Morrison, Ryan Reghr.

happy skier at whistler resort with a face full of powder