The Sum


Brands play meaningful roles in people’s lives or they’re not a brand. Not in our book anyway.


The way we see it, we’re way past the “start with why” era. We’re now in the “brutally honest” era. The era of accountability. As such, we absolutely have to be a good fit with our partners on the big stuff. Aligned under an honest vision that leads to honest action.


We’re equipped to behave like an extension of a brand’s internal bench, helping to realize their best potential for good, by remaining a small and nimble crew that understands the fact that values without action means nothing. And we believe that where there’s action, there’s opportunity for positive change.


People today love brands that love them back. But more than that, people today need to know that brands have their best intentions at heart.


Respect these truths and intend to do right by the world, and we’ll be the partner willing to do just about anything to help you succeed. Your “not so silent contributor,” obeying our name as our mission statement and proving that improving the world and the bottom line are not mutually exclusive. If this has your head nodding or your fist pumping, give us a call and let’s build meaning.