RockShox – Action Is Everything Action Is Everything.



When you speak with your actions, intentions are clear. And the outcomes leave nothing to debate. RockShox needed to separate themselves from empty industry claims and promises of changed lives. They got to work and paired their products down to the essence of what actually works for riders at various skill levels. And they enlisted GFC to create new ways to share what they were achieving. To attract like-minded people. And to measure and be measured by something real again. Action.

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To relaunch the world’s most loved trail fork to mountain bikers – the RockShox PIKE we knew expectations would be high and we had to do something special. Something that rewarded the types of mountain bikers who had curious minds. An attention to detail. And a nose for going beyond the surface. The day before the official product launch, we changed the official logo of the worlds most visited mountain biking news outlets on the masthead of their home page.

PINKBIKE became PINKPIKE, and for visitors sharp enough to notice the subtle change, they were greeted with a special message from RockShox, and a sneak peek at the all new fork, before anyone else had the chance to see it. The image lit up social feeds, with speculation around the new fork, making the hope page of Reddit too.


The launch of every new campaign requires strong direction to execute on a global scale. The Action is Everything campaign manual provided a clear path to creating extensions and rollouts.