Return to Earth



Time is the most precious resource we have. There’s no way to stop it, save it or make more of it. And it’s never been easier to give it away, without even noticing it. Return To Earth is a timely jab at the first-world condition of the ‘attention economy’, presenting bicycles as the antidote to the age of distraction. The film served as a call to action. The campaign yielded measurable behaviour-changing habits for cyclists globally. Thousands of people opted to make the conscientious choice to actually use time – not just spend it. Because the time to be present is always now.

Digital Experience
Environmental Experience




30 Day Ride Challenge

In the world’s first global Trail Forks virtual challenge, riders across the globe rode for 30 days in a row, creating habit forming behaviour, and an inspiring number of activity statistics.





Countdown to Sunset

To create a sense of urgency, Instagram posts were accompanied by a sign that displayed how much time was left in the day.




Using big data for good

With targeted banner ads, we created the perception that people’s online behaviour allowed us to find them and serve up personalized ads to save them from spending more time on the internet.









Present Moment VR Machine

VR stations at events brought people into the present, with a first-hand virtual experience of what it’s like to ride like a pro.




Classic street van design for a modern bike, complete with chunky metal flake detailing.





The time is now

In bike shops around the globe, these clocks reminded people that the time to return to earth, is perpetually now.



Augmenting the Instagram Interface

With a simple visual tweak film partners posted “time sensitive content” made to look like Instagram’s native interface “sensitive content” warning. The posts yielded some of the highest engagement from the film campaign.