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Since you’re reading this page, it probably means you’re interested in working with us. So thank you for the inquiry. Good Fortune comes in many forms. And we believe that each brand positioning, identity, product innovation, happening, cultural movement, campaign, short story, webisode, app, alchemy – whatever – is an opportunity to engage people in astounding ways. If this sounds like your kind of mission, we could be an incredible team.






Good brands – you know, the kind that are admired and celebrated – weren’t created without vision and a lot of hard work. These brands foster an environment where every employee contributes as though they personally own the business. We adopt a similar approach to the relationships we foster with our clients because it leads to the most effective and engaging creative.

We also understand that this type of devotion isn’t unconditional. If we’re going to expect the absolute best from our team, then the creative had better be worthwhile. That’s why we partner with brands that have the potential to make the world more awesome. The work they enable us to create is a more fulfilling endeavor. The truth is, it’s less “work” in the traditional sense, and more of a mission.

If you’re a sleeve roller and want to do it for something that matters, drop us a line.





Good Fortune Collective is constantly in a state of change. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. If any of these positions sound like your kind of mission, we’d love to hear from you.

Account Director

We are looking for an Account Director to join our creatively led and driven boutique. This team member would manage key agency relationships with our partners, production partners, and help the creative team realize the work to its full potential, without blowing the budget, or our profit margin. Sometimes that means grabbing dinner when our partners are in town. Sometimes that means proof reading the deck, the day before the meeting. Sometimes that means finding an animal wrangler to train a grizzly bear to chase a mountain biker down the trail for a shoot. Through all of this (and whatever else the job calls for) you keep our agency partners up-to-date with all progress, challenges, triumphs and report on the performance of the work. You keep our project management software up-to-date and accurate to the progress of each assignment. And you create an environment for the creatives to thrive – as our most effective new business pipeline is crushing the assignments we’ve got.


At GFC, you:

  • Manage relationships with our key agency partners
  • Are responsible for projects from conception to completion

  • Use your intimate understanding of the project to brief and resource the creative team

  • Discuss, criticize, support and analyze the creative product with our team, and effectively communicate the resulting direction to our agency partners

  • Evaluate and control production costs and timelines with the help of your team

  • Establish and maintain a relationship of trust with our partners and act as an expert for all of their needs

  • Enhance the capability and capacity of the rest of the GFC team