GFC Slingshot


GFC Slingshot

Each year, we make something for our partners as an expression of our gratitude for working with us. Our goal is to create something that brings them good fortune through the unexpected. As adults who have not lost our youthful exuberance, the GFC Slingshot is the stuff of nostalgia. A symbol of simpler times rooting around in the woods with our friends, not a care in the world, up to shenanigans of every sort. The GFC Slingshot, from its life as a former railway spike into its present form.

Concept Development
Art Direction & Design


good fortune collective slingshot



The GFC Slingshot represents many of the philosophies that we hold dear here at GFC. Like doing a lot with a little. Seeing beyond what things seem to be, and reimagining them into the fresh and exciting. Of always striving to hit the bullseye. And having a lot of fun during the process.

good fortune collective slingshot and target