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What bicycle commuters do is specific. And fantastic. These are the people for which ABUS designs their urban line of locks and helmets. The people who use a bicycle to get somewhere. To save money, gas, time. To do some good. For the planet or their blood pressure or both. Commuters are everyday heroes. GFC found ways to celebrate their reasons and needs so these people can keep going. Quietly, without fanfare, everyday.

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Commuting by bike is the best way to arrive happy, healthy and ready to tackle the day. Just about the only thing that isn’t so pleasant is spending a day with sweaty skin and soggy nether regions. To prove that ABUS is fully committed to supporting all aspects of the commute we created Commuter Cleanups – the only refreshment wipe made specifically for commuters who commute.

inside this portable packet is a wonderful little cloth that can help you freshen up after your ride. we could give you further instructions on why and how to use it, but you're a commuter(aka really smart). so use it as you see fit. here's to keeping it up, keeping it safe, and keeping fresh. thank you for commuting

one makes you look speedy, one makes you look smart-abus-helmetsone is made for riding dirt, one goes with a collared shirtone looks good with shaved legs. one looks good when buying eggs. abus helmet ad


any bike commuter for president, abus bike helmet ad


Being an election year in the United States – one that had the nation divided, we wanted ABUS to join the conversation to express their support and love for bicycle commuters. No matter what side of the political spectrum you were on, these t-shirts launched at America’s largest bicycle industry trade show, Interbike and instantly became the must have swag item. We later followed up with a limited edition run of artist proof silkscreened posters.

there's a dog walker ahead with eight dogs. effectively, you're about to encounter the dreaded and unpredictable dogtopus. be on your toesstack of abus bike commuter helmet ads