The entire bike-o-sphere had made the pilgrimage to Whistler Mountain Bike Park’s iconic trails – everyone snapping, filming, sharing, and pumping the feeds with more and more love. Opening day was known as WHISTMAS. Things were WHISTACULAR. But with massive hype, comes massive expectation. And riders got WHIS’D-OUT. The world’s best bike park needed to reaffirm its place at the core with irreverence. We tackled it by labeling everything in life (other than riding the bike park) as sleeping, and effectively lit a fire under riders collective asses by asking them to SLEEP LATER.  

Strategic brand platform, Campaign concept, Writing, Art Direction, Video production, Brand Visual and Verbal Style guide, Way finding trail map and collateral design




The trail map is designed to get riders on the right trails based on their ability, progressing safely and enjoying the range of microclimates found within the park. Foldable pocket sized versions are available free where passes are sold.


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As the season came into full swing, Extended Play hours and new areas high up on the mountain opened. We transformed the news into declarations to get out and ride.


Riders love the trials so much in Whistler that when updates are made, they love to blow up the endemic web forums with their colourful thoughts. We decided to give these riders a direct line to the people that can actually do something about it, and created the TRAIL ENGAGED Digital Suggestion Box.

In the lift line, riders were encouraged to share their thoughts on the trail status on the forum on their mobile device. WMBP responded with video posts on their social media feeds, reporting on the positive action that was a direct result of the communities involvement. It helped to migrate the commentary in a place where WMBP could control and moderate the dialog. Best of all, it actually lead to some now loved changes to the trails in the Bike Park.