The Fourth Paw

We focus on reimagining brands and creating multi-faceted campaigns. But the reality is, not everyone needs that. At least, not all at once. When a project comes along that needs custom typography, an elegant design solution, an intelligent product idea, or a dash of love, we enjoy rolling up our sleeves and getting after it.



For writers like Shawn Heissler, her best work begins by capturing ideas on a sheet of lined paper. Needless to say, the inspiration for her identity didn’t stray far from the source.


When slopestyle phenom Brett Rheeder approached GFC to create some custom typography for his competition jersey, he promised us the design would be seen by lots of people. We had no idea that meant winning the first ever X-Games Slopestyle Gold medal with the type on his back. Way to bring home the gold, Rheeder!


Is there an creative company that can combine writing, brand building, film directing, world class production and post production all under one skull? The answer to all these questions is loud but simple: F. YEAH! So when F. Yeah & Associates needed to build an identity that captured the spirit of their newly formed company, they enlisted GFC for the task.