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Since you’re reading this page, it probably means you’re interested in working with us. So thank you for the inquiry. Good Fortune comes in many forms. And we believe that each brand positioning, identity, product innovation, happening, cultural movement, campaign, short story, webisode, app, alchemy – whatever – is an opportunity to engage people in astounding ways. If this sounds like your kind of mission, we could be an incredible team.





Brands with the desire to create products or services that make the world a happier, healthier, more incredible place to exist deserve a partner willing to do just about anything to connect them with people in meaningful ways.

The reality is, people love brands that love them back. That’s why we align ourselves with companies who use their brand for good, and arm them with tools to make them flourish. We believe improving people’s lives is the best form of R.O.I. And the creative product it enables us to co-create justifies challenging briefs, sweating the details, working late nights and taking leaps of faith.

If your brand is in need of a little imagination or a full-blown intervention, we’d be happy to discuss ways we can contribute.

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Good brands – you know, the kind that are admired and celebrated – weren’t created without vision and a lot of hard work. These brands foster an environment where every employee contributes as though they personally own the business. We adopt a similar approach to the relationships we foster with our clients because it leads to the most effective and engaging creative.

We also understand that this type of devotion isn’t unconditional. If we’re going to expect the absolute best from our team, then the creative had better be worthwhile. That’s why we partner with brands that have the potential to make the world more awesome. The work they enable us to create is a more fulfilling endeavor. The truth is, it’s less “work” in the traditional sense, and more of a mission.

If you’re a sleeve roller and want to do it for something that matters, drop us a line.

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Good Fortune Collective is constantly in a state of change. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. If any of these positions sound like your kind of mission, we’d love to hear from you.

Creative Resource Manager
You are the heartbeat of the agency. All projects, timelines and deliverables flow through you. So I guess that makes the agency the heart? You have a daily understanding of what everyone is working on and what their next steps are. You augment the team in such that we can stay on track and know that you are aware of how all of the moving pieces fit together. The Creative Director and Brand Developer rely on you for regular updates on our agency capacity and how everyone is handling the workload. Which is cool, because our team is honest and excited to have someone they can rely on to help make things run smoother.

In summary, you:
• Manage the day-to-day resourcing of our team
• Create an environment where creativity can happen
• Enhance the capability of our team by being organized
• Build timelines, and know how we can adjust them when needed
• Manage our resource tools (Trello, Slack, etc) and keep them up to date, on every date
• Recommend process improvements to Brand Development team
• Represent the agency to our suppliers and agency partners
• Help us come up with job descriptions with heavy use of analogy


• Experience in customer/client facing work environments
• Post-secondary education completed
• Strong business and strategic thinking capabilities
• Intuitive problem-solver – this might just mean you really like hard Sudokus
• Proficient in Excel and working with numbers
• Organized AF


Junior / Intermediate Art Director / Designer
Everyone in the office is responsible for the creative in some capacity. But working as a creative, it is your ethos to make mind-shattering work for our partners. When brought to life, your ideas are the most important product GFC can offer our partners: it’s how we move their businesses forward. Our culture comes from our belief that creative is the best way to unlock the good in a brand. Right now, we’re looking for a creative who sparks concepts as well as they deliver comps. Is articulate and collaborative. And, maybe most importantly, the person we’re looking for has to care as much about the final product as the journey that brings it to life.

The job description:
You are the pulse of the agency. Day in and day out, crushing every assignment.
You’re on the pulse of pop culture, constantly absorbing and identifying what’s relevant/next.
You generate ideas that can be brilliant in all media.
You’re a champion of the craft: design, typography, art direction.
You drive high expectations not just around concepts but every element of execution.
You’re optimistic and use your energy and attitude to drive the momentum of accounts and teams: you keep the stoke high.
You tackle challenges by finding and trying to solve the root problem – not just identifying roadblocks or addressing symptoms.
You will be respected by the agency and everyone you work with for the effective and inspiring work you produce.
You work full time out of the HQ in downtown Vancouver, BC.

If you think you’re up to the task, let’s chat.

Not everyone at GFC is in the creative department. But everyone is responsible for the creative. And as the producer, you are the last line of defense before the work is released into the wild. Not only does this mean rolling up your sleeves and getting involved in the actual production of our creative product, it also means managing the relationships that keep the wheels turning. Which is great, because you get to work with all kinds of cool and talented people. Your LinkedIn profile probably says something like “creative approach to problem solving”, and we are excited to hear how you bring that to life.

The job description:
You assist in the production of the creative product. i.e. helping to find vendors/photographers/musicians etc., organizing production schedules, sorting production logistics with the creative team, and doing it all within budget.
You manage the relationship between our production partners and the creative integrity of GFC.
You keep our agency partners up-to-date with all progress, challenges, and production triumphs.
You ensure the creative is fully realized to its potential, without blowing the budget, or our profit margin.
You keep our project management software up-to-date and accurate to the progress of each assignment.
You efficiently assist the creative team so that they have more time to focus on creative concepting.


Writing is one of the most fulfilling parts of the job. It’s where you have the opportunity to problem solve for the abstract, and find unexpected ways to our partners business problems. As a writer you’ll be involved in all sorts of awesomness.

The job description:
You are the pulse of the agency. Day in and day out, crushing every assignment.
You’re on the pulse of pop culture, constantly absorbing and identifying what’s relevant/next.
You generate ideas that can be brilliant in all media.
You’re a champion of the craft and can write in different styles.
You are strategic and can write meeting decks as well as concepting work
You are stoked to make the work that you concept to bring it to fruition.